Throw, hit, run!

On 06.05 at field “Baseball”, on the opening day of the baseball season, the Amateur Children’s Tournament “Throw, Hit, Run” took place. The tournament was attended by nearly 50 children between 7 and 17 years old, divided into 5 age groups. Most of them are playing in some of the baseball clubs of Akademiks, Athletic, Blues, NSA Lions and United Sports, but there were also players who were touching the bat and the glove for the first time. The children competed with each other and individually scored points, in different challenges.

Here are the best of any age group:

7-8 years: Kiril Kirchov (NSA Lions)

9-10 years: Deyan James (Athletic)

11-12 years: Petar Zahariev (Athletic)

13-14 years: Ivana Hristova (Academic)

15-17 years: Georgi Georgiev (Blues)

The tournament went into fun and baseball and was a great prelude to the official start of the season, which was marked by the game between Junak – Lions.


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