Angels are the new champions of Bulgaria

On the 16th of September the third game of the final playoff between the “Akademiks” and the “Angels” was played. The game started equally as both teams scored a few points in the first innings. Sara Marcova opened the score for the “Akademiks” with a homerun in the first inning and gave the team a 2-0 lead. The “Angels” did not let that break their sporting spirit and quickly returned the points in the next inning. After several challenging situations and run exchange, in the last three innings the “Angels” dominated the game, reaching a score of 16:6. Thus, with three victories, the “Angels” won their second championship title and the “Akademiks” added the 2017s silver to their bag of medals.

At the end of September both teams will again have the chance to face each other in a fight for the Cup of Bulgaria. The teams of “Athletic”, “Lions”, the Junior National Team and the Serbian “Wildcats” will also take part in the championship.

Here is the final ranking from “Bulgarian softball league”:

  1. “Angels”
  2. “Akademiks”
  3. “Athletic”
  4. “Babes”

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